Monday, December 15, 2008

"Coolest Blog Ever" Award

WOW ! Thanks so very much to Susan from Hot Rocks Glass Jewels for this really cool award! Please take a minute to view her beautiful creations especially if you are still looking for a unique gift.

Winners of this lovely Butterfly award are asked to pass on the honors to some of their favorite blogs as follows:

1. Put the logo on your blog

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you

3. Nominate outstanding blogs that you follow

4. Add links to those blogs

5. Leave a message to those nominees on their blog

I think I will concentrate on a few of my favorite fellow painters that I may not have recognized with previous awards. Here they are.

1. Paul Baines at
Indoor Street Art
2. John Wright at
John Wright Art
3. Diane Clancy at
Diane Clancy's Art Blog
4. Kristina Laurendi Havens at my Art and my Life
5. Marionette at
Kauai Artist Presents Painting in Paradise

And maybe this lovely butterfly flew through this garden! This is "Wine Iris" from a garden series I will be continuing next spring.


Hot Rocks said...

Your iris painting is so pretty, and such a joy to see in the middle of winter when it is so cold outside.

Graffiti said...

Hey Linda, thanks for the kudos! Of course it's an appropriate comment, I'd just like to thank you, the blogging community at large, my brain, my hand eye co-ordination skills, and my mother for giving birth to this madman.

Deronda G said...

Iris are my favorites and these are just gorgeous.

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Linda
Yes yhis is a nice watercolour, and how watercolours should be.
Have a lovely Christmas

dianeclancy said...

Hi Linda -

Your paint is gorgeous - this is also one of the prettiest awards around!!

Thank you so much ... I am honored that you chose me - very honored!!

I will post this today ... and link back to you ... to this post and to your blog in general.

Thank you again!
~ Diane Clancy

dianeclancy said...

My post is done!!

~ Diane Clancy

Sue said...

Was referred here by Diane Clancy! You have some wonderful work here! I love flowers so your work is definitely pleasure to my eyes.
Congrats to Diane too!

ceevee said...

I love these irises. Can't wait till they poke their heads out of the ground here. Long way to go.