Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ted Nuttall Workshop

I am having a wonderful week! Painting 9-4 with master watercolorist, Ted Nuttall in a workshop sponsored by the Saint Louis Watercolor Society. He is a fantastic teacher; well organized, funny, a good instructor all-around. With his permission, I will share a little of the week so far.

We are studying portrait painting from photographs. The focus is to capture the emotion and expression with minimal definition resulting in a loose, painterly likeness. While it may seem that his paint is splashed on, each "sloppy dot" is very carefully placed. His work is high-key and the result of several very transparent layered washes. Here is Ted at work. He uses a hand palette and works on 300# hot press paper.

Here are my first two works-in-progress. It is amazing what reducing to thumbnails for the screen reveals! I have touch-ups to do, for sure!

More to come.....


storybeader said...

WOW - they are great! Congrats. and enjoy your class!

Trevor Lingard said...

Hi Linda
You lucky lady.
His teaching is rubbing off on you I can see.
Thank you for showing this .

Blenda said...

Wow, Linda
I'm impressed! Very nice and it's fun to see the photos of Ted at work.