Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wonderful Workshop and Show

So the week-long workshop with Ted Nuttall is over. It was fantastic! Many of our 23 class participants asked to have him back so I highly recommend Ted to any art organization that sponsors workshops. Very organized teacher with a unique message and lesson plan. We had students who have painted anywhere from 2 to 30 years and all learned something. Here is Ted on the last day reviewing my work. It turns out that the first one I did was the best because it was so fresh. (the girl with the rose from my last post) The other 2 I completed were a bit more worked, probably because I knew the subjects and tried to fine tune the likeness. I am jazzed to do at least 10 more to see if I can really embed his instructions in my scattered art brain.

Here are the 2 paintings of mine that he accepted for our show. This is the 10th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society. 85 paintings are showing at Creative Art Gallery in St. Louis. If you are in the neighborhood between now and May 30, stop in. It is a great show!

The first one is "A Row of Red" top left. The next is "The Range" top right.

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