Friday, November 21, 2008

Color, Color, Color

Having fun with this color series. My process is to "paint" a silhouette using masking fluid and then layer, layer, layer transparent washes to achieve the luminous background color I am looking for. This piece has about six layers. Then I remove the frisket and lightly fill my center shape. Here is Cream on Blueberry, 11" x 14", original watercolor, available in my Etsy Shop.

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ESCUDERO said...

Hi Linda - I haven't been over here for a while. I LOVE!!!! this painting...good job Linda..It's absolutely gorgeous! I'm sorry to say that I can't say that about the snow hoo hoo. It is certainly not because of your expertise, but because I'm living the snow nightmare right now in PA. I miss my desert. Why don't you take a trip to my native state and paint in the winter or spring. Wow, I bet you would make that gorgeous desert radiate. Bye