Saturday, November 8, 2008

Color Series Continued

Here are two more paintings in my color series. The first is Green on Wine. I feel it really fits the visual complement color wheel.

And next is Blue Iris on Brown. This piece is an expression of value and temperature. A look at interior decorating trends finds that any pastel on brown is appealing. I think it works best if one is cool and the other warm. Here I placed a warm blue on a cool brown.

Both paintings are 11" x 14" and are available in my Etsy Shop. Have a great weekend!


Brownies Vintage said...

I like them :)
They are simplistic and beautiful!

AC said...

very contemporary, fresh. Love them!!! Nice work.

ESCUDERO said...

Hi Linda thanks for dropping by and for the suggestion. You always seem to be my blog guardian angel. If you have any more suggestions Linda I'm all ears and listen. I'll check out VAST. That's great to know...Good job on your new contemporary work. I really like them.