Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kudos to Me!

I am honored to have received four awards from Sharon Hart of The Artist's Muse. What a delight! Many of you know her work and thoughtful, detailed posts. She is one of my favorite art bloggers.

The first is the Arte y Pico Award. "It’s an international award for a global community of artist-bloggers, acknowledging that what we create helps make the world a finer place.” I bestow this award to Tomas Karkalas at Modus Vivendi for his art and philosophy.

Next is the Butterfly Award "for the coolest blog I ever know", which of course is very poor grammar. But it is a cool looking award and I would hate to be the one to deface it with a correction. Since the first three blogs I have started to give this to have already just received it, I'm going to keep it on my mantle.

Next is the "I Love Your Blog" award. I'm giving this to Five O'Clock Somewhere for her great ability to mix art with life in her posts

And last is "My Favorite Blog". I give this award to The Art Zoo. I really don't expect them to post it because the perfect thing about their blog is the clean, focused, look and content they post every day.

Thanks again Sharon!


S. A. Hart said...

Congratulations, all around! Your choices are excellent blogs!

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Cool, thanks so much for the award!!!

Thank you for your kind thoughts about my fire fighter :-)