Friday, August 1, 2008

Driven to Abstraction

Whew it's hot at Lake of the Ozarks today! I'm driven to abstraction with projects and trying to keep cool!

Recently took a workshop with John Salminen concentrating on design and shapes. He FORCED us to spend 3 days constructing a full-sheet abstract. It was perhaps the most in-depth instruction I have had in 16 watercolor workshops and I highly recommend him.

Our focus was on shape first, then warm/cool, path to the focal point and finally focal emphasis. I have sold 2 pieces in this style and am really enjoying the process. It is first a complex contour drawing followed by glazes, a bit of collage and finally some acrylic usually black.

How do you approach an abstract as a painter? Methodically or whatever happens? As a collector, do you look for emotion or color or size or something else?

Here is Abstraction, 21" x 29".

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