Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Take Your Pick

It's a gorgeous day in St. Louis, perfect for picking flowers. Here are some of my favorites in vignette style (limited or no background.) I love this style because the focus is simple and dramatic - just the beauty of the flowers. Click my Etsy Shop link for these and other flower paintings.

Purple Iris Garden V - 14" x 20" original watercolor

Daffodil Garden V - 14" x 20" original watercolor

Red Tulip Line II - 11" x 15" original watercolor

1 comment:

ESCUDERO said...

Do you know that I love Irises! I used to have the most gorgeous flowers in az I'm going to have to plant some again.

Shockwaves is very pretty - I'm looking at it right now.

Hope all is well - take care