Monday, August 4, 2008

No, Burt Reynolds is not here.

At Lake of the Ozarks that is. This weekend a friend's guest had just recently moved to St. Louis from New York and visited the lake for the first time. She said that New Yorkers think of "Deliverance" when they hear "Ozarks". Sorry, but Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ned Beatty and Ronny Cox are not here. I'm sure it would be fun to have them since they seem like cool guys. Instead we have 1500 miles of shoreline, 1000's of gigantic homes and condos, 30,000 boats and all share the 7th largest lake in the US after the 5 Greats and Lake Powell.

Here is a painting I did last fall of our gang at a raft-up on Labor Day. A way-cool way to spend the weekend! So if you are ever lucky enough to be invited to Lake of the Ozarks, don't "fly over", come on down! The water's great!


rkdsign88 said...

beautiful, looks so real

S. A. Hart said...

You have a wonderful command of painting water! Your work is lovely.
Perhaps you might enjoy checking out my blog when you have a spare moment. It's called The Artist's Muse, at

Your "Fajitas Anyone" also uses wonderful interplay of color. Impressive work!