Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm a Tasmanian Devil

and proud of it!

A guest lecturer at one of the Saint Louis Watercolor Society's membership meetings once described three approaches to painting; the plodder, the deliberator and the tasmanian devil. The plodder works on a piece for weeks, months, years, perhaps never even finishing. The deliberator plans and considers every move and brush stroke from the detailed value sketches to the final framing. The tasmanian devil flies right at the paper or canvas with arms flailing, paint flying and brush strokes every which way AND loose!

That's me. It's the way I do it. I loathe value sketching and even most pencil work. I love the loaded brush caressing the paper. The energy and passion pours as fast as I can release it!

This is also my approach to writing although I admit that this blogging business has made me stop and think just a bit. This week I came across a great blog dedicated to successful blog writing and especially appreciated the blog, Tips on Avoiding Wordiness. I plan to spend more time hanging around on that blog, although, like I said the other day, I really need some time to paint!

Before I head off to bang out a little gem straight from the heart, here is Joyful, Joyful, an award-winning painting completed in about 15 minutes from a photo of flowers from my mother's funeral several years ago. Prints available in my Etsy Shop.


Lily Pang said...

Beautiful full of life!

ESCUDERO said...

Hi - I'm not back from vacation, but I was just checking in. This painting is beautiful! I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

Thanks for visiting and the congrats. Don't hesitate to put your link up and choose your 7 people. Go to my site for instructions. Bye -

Designing Hilary said...

Somehow I can't reconcile the beauty I see before me on this blog with the creature from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

HammelmanArt said...

Thanks Hilary. I probably should not have said I was "proud" of the descriptor. "Not bothered" might be more apt.