Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It Matches The Bedspread

There are artists who have a statement to make or cause to promote. And there are artists who don't. That would be me. Well, not really. My artist's statement is I paint because I love the process. I paint to please my eye. I have fun painting.

There are art collectors who collect a style, or the work of an artist, or for investment potential. There are collectors who buy to make their room look better. All are very fine reasons to buy art, I'm sure.

This painting is not about anything. But it is very nice to look at and it would look great with certain bedspreads or sofas. Don't you think so? Do you collect art or buy art? What is the last thing you bought and what are you looking for next?

Here is Poppies, 11" x 15", available in my Etsy Shop and at auction on eBay through Sunday.


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

I think this paining is absolutely lovely. The softness, the color, undemanding but beautiful.

News Pie said...

Quoted and linked your blog in this post:


You may link back, or mention my blog on yours, if you want to.

Liquid said...

Your work is magical!
Pleasure to have found ya'!