Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just Ask Me

Many artists offer to do commissions. You might wonder why they do that and why you would want a commission. Here is an example of a recent commission request I completed. I had a painting of purple irises listed on eBay. Someone liked my style, but really wanted white irises with a yellow background for the room she was decorating. So she emailed me and asked if I could do white irises. I said sure, and because I was painting that day, and in the mood, I was able to complete her request that day. I emailed her a photo of the painting, she liked it, and she paid me through Paypal. Voila!
So artists offer commissions because they are willing to paint upon request. This is not for everyone. Some artists just really want to stay with their own "from the heart" inspiration, which is occasionally how I feel, too. On the other hand, it can be very gratifying to create a painting that fulfills the vision of someone else.

If you see an artist offering commissions, take a minute to consider their offer. It is from the heart.
Here is White Iris, prints available in my Etsy shop.


Christie Cottage said...


I found your blog on etsy. That's where you'll find me too.

Wedding-Calligrapher said...

Well said! and great painting.