Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Palette - Exposed

When we have demonstration painters at our Saint Louis Watercolor Society meetings, you will always hear, "What paints are you using?" We all seem to have a fascination with the palette of other artists. And what about the workshop supply list. "He uses Naples yellow. I better get some."

Having been to about 20 week-long workshops, I have a bag full of barely squeezed tubes. While I am still open to new ones, and a sucker for the workshop bait, I seem to have settled on this mix.Here is my palette as of last evening. I will name the paints starting in the top left corner. The number of stars indicates frequency of use, 3 being most often, and none, meaning it's gotta go.

WN Cobalt Blue **
WN French Ultramarine ***
WN Antwerp ***
WN Winsor Blue/Red
WN Winsor Green/Yellow *
Daniel Smith Under Sea Green ***
American Journey Skip's Green ***
WN Cadmium Yellow Med *
WN Lemon Yellow
WN Raw Sienna **
WN New Gamboge ***
WN Winsor Yellow **
WN Orange *
WN Burnt Sienna ***
WN Scarlet Lake **
WN Perm. Alizarin *
WN Perm Rose *
Daniel Smith Quinacridone Magenta **
Maimeri Theoindigo Violet **
WN Violet ***
WN Opera *
WN Cobalt Violet *
Holbein Manganese **
Maimeri Bleu Verde ***
Dabs in the middle: Sepia**, Maimeri Avignon Orange **, AJ Andrew's Turquoise **, S Quiller Rose Madder **

And my favorite white is "Aqua Cover" made to match brand name papers. Very nice for emergency recovery of whites.


ESCUDERO said...

Very interesting indeed....How have you been? Is your work featured in the Art Directory? It's looking rather familiar. Take care

Pink & Green Mama said...

I love this. As fellow artist I always enjoy discovering other artists in the blogging world! Your palette makes me happy - I love rainbows in all shapes and sizes.